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We are on a mission to break our bubble and go beyond L&D borders.

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About Offbeat On Air

Offbeat on Air is here to infuse new perspectives into our lives as learning professionals. 

Great minds think alike.

We all heard this one before. Of course, it’s wonderful to share views and experiences with like-minded peers. It makes us feel good, it makes us feel like we belong. But it can also be a trap. Because listening only to the people who look and think like us it's an easy way to nurture confirmation bias.

But we're living in a bubble.

Now, we’d like to tell you L&D is a different story. But the truth is, it’s not. We definitely spend a lot of time digging deep into our own field, finding new perspectives, and making sense of them. It is then only natural that at the end of the day there’s little time to go outside L&D. That’s why our struggles might seem pretty niched and unique. But are they? We bet they’re not!

Connecting to great minds in order to think differently.

That’s why we created Offbeat on Air. We are on a mission to break our bubble and go beyond L&D borders. We want to connect to the outer world and seek inspiration from different people. People trying to achieve similar goals to ours, but in other circumstances, with different skills, tools, and mindsets. 

Do you know someone
who could be a guest?

We're always looking for new minds to explore! So we know someone who's outside L&D (e.g. chefs, musicians, doctors, actors) and would like to join us as a guest, we're excited to chat!

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Our most recent episodes

We want to connect to the outer world and seek inspiration from different people. People trying to achieve similar goals to ours, but in other circumstances, with different skills, tools, and mindsets.

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How it all started, why Offbeat On Air, and who's behind it.

Your hosts

Offbeat on Air is a project born out of a thought partnership of Lavinia and Milica, both coming from a L&D world, both looking for more. 

Milica Sapic

Milica has spent the last 5 years figuring out the world of adult learning in practice. This journey led her to believe that there are as many ways to approach challenges as there are people in the world. And that led to her understanding that only by staying curious, by listening, observing and asking inviting questions, we can change perspectives and therefore, grow.

From here, her career as Learning and Development Manager, mostly in the Berlin tech scene, allowed her to nurture her curiosity and expand knowledge on the topics of learning experience design, performance consulting and strategic project management in learning.

She is a proud mom of a little Emilia and a schnoodle furball Lana del Reis. Either in nature, among friends or mind-mapping while sipping her coffee from a colorful mug -  this is where you’ll find her most in her element.

And yes, Milica doesn’t like to write about herself in 3rd person.

Lavinia Mehedințu

Lavinia has been designing learning experiences and career development programs for the past 9 years both in the corporate world and in higher education. As a Co-Founder and Learning Architect at Offbeat she’s applying adult learning principles so that learning & people professionals can connect, collaborate, and grow.

In her spare time you can find her either geeking about Formula 1 or crocheting bunnies and giraffes while listening to biographies or historical romance novels. She has a passion for people with passions and she loves hearing the stories of those that moved mountains for their dreams. It inspires her and pushes her to move forward with her own, building a place where learning professionals can embrace themselves, their learning journeys, and their peers.

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