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I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be mentored by Kasia. Right from our first session, she took the time to understand my experiences, needs and jumped in with all her support. Her approach is authentic and she made me feel heard and supported throughout the process.

Vanessa Christina Dsouza, Learnig & Development

Meet our mentors

Our mentors come from all backgrounds, speak various languages, and are available in multiple timezones. What all of them have in common: the passion for supporting others.

Raul Dumitrascu, Offbeat-Mentor Learning and Development Manager at Deloitte
Aki Friedrich, Offbeat-Mentor, Director of Learning Experience at Superside
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I feel like I got the perfect match there! We have been speaking of my projects mostly and his advice has been supervaluable and taken further in more than 2 of the areas I'm responsible for.

Hanna-Mai Ressar, People Development Partner at Linnworks

How do I know I need a mentor?

We'd say we always need a mentor. But there are some signs that tell you it's more important to get one now. Calculate your urgency score below.

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Welcome to our mentorship survey! We've put this together to help you figure out if having a mentor could be the right move for you right now. Just answer a few questions, and we'll give you some personalized advice on whether seeking a mentor might be beneficial. There’s no right or wrong here, just insights to help guide your journey.


What will be my journey as a mentee

Here's exactly how you will experience our mentoring program.


Identify your challenges

We’ll have one or more discussions to help you identify your challenges and define exactly what you want from your mentor, so that you can make the most out of it.


We curate 3-5 mentors for you

Instead of dumping a big list of awesome people on you, we look closely at the mentor profiles that would be the best fit to help you solve your challenges and send them to you.


You choose your mentor

Once we send over the curated list of mentors, you have the final say. You get to check their profiles and choose the person that you consider the best fit.

What if I can’t choose from anyone you curated?

We will go back to work and find other profiles that might suit you. We don’t give up until we find the perfect match for you, so no worries.


You start meeting your mentor

Mentees are the one driving the sessions, so you will decide the topic of conversation. However, we do have a guide for you to follow in case you need it.

How often will I meet with my mentor?

We advise no less than once a month, but not more than twice. At the same time, mentors & mentees agree on a schedule that fits them both.

How long will the mentoring relationship last?

Officially, the mentoring relationship will last for 6 months after we make the introduction. Oftentimes, mentors & mentees still meet afterward if they both agree.


The first thing that went well was the matching process - my mentor and I had many things in common even though we work in different roles. We resonated from the get-go and I always felt listened. I liked the fact that my mentor adapted from meeting to meeting depending on the topic and my needs - going from mentoring, to story sharing, to coaching based on needs.

Mihaela Pavelescu, People Experience Lead at Adore Me

Mentorship Pricing

One-time payment to unlock 6 months of personalized support + a year of free additional resources.


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45 min. Needs Analysis Session

Mentor Curation

6 months relationship with your mentor

1 year FREE Offbeat Fellowship included

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