April 5, 2024 | 1:10:17 min

Exploring AI in L&D through curiosity and experimentation

In this episode, Ross, Aki, and Rita take a deep dive into how AI is both all around us and yet not fully tapped into, from three viewpoints: an external L&D consultant, someone in charge of L&D inside a company, and a product specialist. They explore several big questions: Is the excitement around AI real or just a passing trend? Are there companies or L&D teams really using AI? (Spoiler: Yes, there are!) What's stopping people from trying out and adopting AI, like the fear of messing up or having the wrong expectations? How might the job of an L&D professional change with AI coming into the picture? What should L&D folks do if they want to get involved in bringing AI and digital transformation into their workplaces? We spent over an hour tackling these topics in a straightforward, bold, and in-depth discussion on where L&D meets AI.

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