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Offbeat is the platform where L&D professionals gather to accelerate their career growth through practice and knowledge sharing.

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Who’s Offbeat for?


We support Learning & Development from all over the world, all business-size, and all levels of seniority in their learning, growth & career development efforts.

People Experience

We know that sometimes People Experience Specialists have L&D responsibilities, so we receive them with open arms in all our initiatives.

What value do we provide?

These are all the ways in which we help Learning & Development professionals.

We save you time by giving you access to curated high-quality resources dedicated to your growth, your programs, and your own curation efforts.

We connect you with like-minded peers from all over the world, or from your own country & town so you can exchange lessons learned and inspiration.

We offer you the space to develop personally as well since we believe your behaviors, habits, attitudes & mindsets can influence tremendously your performance.

We guide you through practical learning experiences we call co-creation opportunities, so you gain more confidence in applying concepts, frameworks, knowledge & skills to your own role.

We help you find your next role through personalized guidance and by curating L&D roles from all over the world in our Job Board.

How can I learn with you?

We're ready to support Learning & Development professionals learn through multiple initiatives. You decide which ones fit you best!


The only membership you will ever need for all your learning goals & the place you'll get to meet your peers and other experienced professionals to help you grow.

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Content Library

We save you time by curating only the highest-quality resources (articles, templates, podcasts, videos, books) on the internet.

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Each Sunday we compile the best L&D resources we find and send them right to your inbox.

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Stories written by L&D peers for L&D peers. You'll learn about their own experiences, lessons learned, and theories they want to share with everyone.

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We are on a mission to break our bubble, go beyond L&D borders, and bring to our own field expertise & perspectives from other domains.

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L&D Job Board

We support your L&D career by sharing awesome job posts from all around the world. Save time in your job search or even add your own roles when in search for an L&D colleague.

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Wall of for Offbeat

We're lucky to always receive lots of beautiful words from L&Ds and we love to share them with the world. Thank you for being so kind!

Anyone and everyone in L&D should if they haven’t already sign up to Lavinia’s mail shot. Excellent as always!

Craig Trousdale
Learning and Development Manager at Kibble

I’m forever thankful that my manager put me in your program. I was (and still am!) so new in this world and it felt amazing but also scary to navigate. You are making it less and less scary every day. Thank you and congrats on the initiative!

Inês Cunha
Training Specialist at Pipedrive

Offbeat is such a great source of knowledge - I can highly recommend Lavinia Mehedințu’s work here. So much inspiration and love the open source nature. 🚀

Caroline Arora
VP People and Culture at Blinkist

Everything we do is out of love for learning & each and every learning & development professional.

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