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I’m forever thankful that my manager put me in your program. I was so new in this world and it felt amazing β€” you are making it less scary every day.

InΓͺs Cunha Training Specialist @ Pipedrive

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I feel like I got the perfect match there! We have been speaking of my projects mostly and his advice has been supervaluable and taken further in more than 2 of the areas I'm responsible for.

Hanna-Mai Ressar, People Development Partner at Linnworks

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Stand-Up Comedy Secrets for L&D Professionals

We laughed. We were serious. But moreover, we learned a lot from Tom.


Nurturing Self Directed Learning

Maya Camarasu, Program Manager - Global Employee Development at UIPATH

Ten things I've learned

10 characteristics of Learning and Development at its best

Sam Allen, L&D Consultant | Owner of INSIGHTFUL L&D


Stories written by L&D peers for L&D peers. You'll learn about their own experiences, lessons learned, and theories they want to share with everyone.

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