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We're on a mission to create cohort-based programs that solve the most pressing challenges for Learning & Development and People Professionals. To do this, we need your input! We're looking to gather insights from the community to ensure we build the right programs that meet your needs. Please take a moment to share your feedback with us through our short form.

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Think of a learning experience that you hold dear to your heart. What made it memorable?

While we plan on having different spaces for knowledge sharing, practice, and sense-making, we'd like to see what you considered as being impactful in the past. Your answer will help us make sure the learning arch is well proportioned.

Learning Experience Components
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What are the top 3 questions that have been nagging at you lately about your role?

Think of things you didn't know how to do, challenges you felt are too big for you, or tasks that might have made you anxious.

Challenge 1
Challenge 2
Challenge 3
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Which of the following keywords have you searched for in the past month, if any?

The things you're searching for usually indicate your closest areas of interest and potential challenges you might be facing.

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What budget have you allocated to your development in the past?

Think of a specific situation. How much have you spent for different development experience in 2022 from your personal & company budget? How about 2021 and 2020? This will help you benchmark your answer.

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Learning Budget
How much time have you allocated in the past in a week for a learning experience?

It might help you to think of a real learning experience you've been a part of. That can give you a real sense of how much you're able to dedicated given your real context.

Time available
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How many employees does your organization have?
What's your role?
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Thanks for taking the time to reflect and share with us your most pressing worries about your role. You're awesome! We'll make sure to review your answer and use as much as we can in our cohort-based programs. We'll let you know when we launch them so you can enjoy your discount code.

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