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You are not alone in your L&D career

The Offbeat Fellowship is a community of L&Ds and People Professionals who are learning together through monthly sessions, peer learning groups, and curated mentoring relationships.


The next cohort starts June 2023.

Our fellows come from:

We equip you with a full-range of skills

We believe successful L&D professionals have a combination of technical & power skills, but also look outside our industry for frameworks to improve their work. We carefully look inside & outside our community to craft our curriculum around these three areas.

L&D Skills

We help you learn the technical skills you need to successfully complete learning and development projects from start to finish. This includes topics such as creating a learning and development strategy, developing career growth programs, improving processes, and managing change.

Power Skills

We believe that success in the future of work means among others: self-awareness, teamwork, critical thinking, and business acumen. So we go above and beyond to help you prepare for what's coming next and become a better L&D.

Complementary Skills

Sometimes the things that boost L&Ds impact can be found outside our industry. Frameworks and knowledge from systems thinking, neuroscience, behavior change, or marketing are only some of the topics we're covering so we can help you become a more modern L&D professional.

Connect with peers from all around the world

Join a collective of over 100 L&D and People Professionals ready to learn with you and grow personally & professionally.

I’m forever thankful that my manager put me in your program. I was (and still am!) so new in this world and it felt amazing but also scary to navigate. You are making it less and less scary every day. Thank you and congrats on the initiative!

InΓͺs Cunha, Training Specialist at Pipedrive

I love this community because of its depth and resourcefulness - now having it all rounded up in a form of a true Fellowship gives us, L&D professionals, a 360 degree support in all shapes and forms. It is a true honour to be part of, shape and move forward such an incredible source of knowledge and inspiration for our vocation like the Offbeat Fellowship.

Milica Sapic, Talent Development Manager @Klarna

Why L&Ds choose the Offbeat Fellowship?

As an L&D you usually take care of everyones' learning journey, but you rarely get the chance to intentionally focus on your own. Through a combination of learning methods, we created an environment where you can do so, together with others, so you can also accelerate your career.

1:1 mentoring relationships
Facilitated peer learning groups
Monthly sessions to get inspiration and practice your skills
A diverse learning community
Access to curated learning resources
Opportunities to advise, mentor, and give back
A space to receive answers to all your L&D and People questions
Personalized guidance in your learning journey

Access to the Offbeat Fellowship is €459 (lump sum or 4 equal installments)
The next cohort starts June 2023.

Join monthly sessions, get inspired and grow

Every month we run 3 fundamental types of events: workshops, fireside chats, and inspiration sessions. All of them are purposefully organized to suit the needs of our fellows.

Workshops are meant to support the development of power skills, those skills that will not only boost L&Ds' performance, but also serve them no matter their future career choices.

Fireside Chats are sessions where we explore real-world case studies designed and deployed by our peers to get inspiration for your own projects.

During inspiration sessions, we go outside of our L&D bubble and listened to guest speakers from behavior change, neuroscience, marketing, and others that could inspire our own work.

Build your personal board of advisors

Social learning is our cornerstone, so we make sure to facilitate it through all kinds of tools. All the people you'll meet will help you improve the work you're currently doing, while also accelerating your career.

A facilitated peer learning group will be there for you recurrently. You will throw challenges at each other and get solutions right when you need them.

One or more mentors will be available to you depending on your needs. Before making one on one introductions will get to know you and figure out together who exactly would be useful for you.

Meet our mentors β†’

Access high-quality curated resources for your work & personal development

There are few things more frustrating than searching on Google, not finding what you're looking for, or not being able to distinguish between high and low quality resources. We did the job for you.

Through our platform you get high-quality resources on your finger tips

If you're looking for specific topics, you'll find collections of articles, ebooks, podcasts already built for all your needs

Join cohort-based programs to expand your knowledge

If you're looking to deepen your knowledge in a specific area, in a shorter time, we're currently building a catalogue of cohort-based programs all our fellows will have the option of attending.

You'll get access to industry experts that have been to where you are and can share their knowledge and experiences

You'll learn at your own pace, but together with others. So any questions you might have, your peers can be there for you as well

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Apply to the Offbeat Fellowship

Join a collective of over 100 L&D and People Professionals ready to learn with you and grow personally & professionally.

Access to the Offbeat Fellowship is €459 (lump sum or 4 equal installments) .


The next cohort starts June 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not convinced you should join us? Here are some questions we've received along the way.

At what time do you schedule the monthly sessions?

Right now (January 2023) most of our fellows come from Europe and the US - East Coast, so we schedule all our sessions between 5 and 7 PM CET (Central Eastern Time). As the community grows, we'll start on organizing events in other timezones as well.

To make up to everyone else currently active in the fellowship, we record most of our sessions and add them to our growing library of event recordings.

What's a facilitated peer learning group?

To better understand what peer learning groups are you have to go through why, what, and how.

1) Why - social learning is the backbone of our fellowship, as we strongly believe (based on evidence) that it's one of the most successful ways of going from "knowing" to "doing".

2) What - peer Learning Groups have multiple functions: inspiration, problem solving, accountability, and psychological support.

3) How - using the intervision or co-development framework.

How will you match me with a mentor?

First step will be to get to know you as best as possible. So you'll spend your first meeting with our community manager exploring your experience, challenges, and roadblocks you might have. If together we decide having a mentor would be good for you, we'll curate a list of 3-5 people from our awesome mentors' pool, and in the end you'll be the one deciding who should be mentoring you.

How can I convince my employer to pay for the Fellowship subscription?

Imagine it like this. Out of all business functions, People or L&D Teams tend to be the most overlooked when it comes to their learning & development and career support. Through Offbeat you'll have continuous support for all your on-going projects so you can take them to the next level + career development support. If you learn, they win!

Everything we do is out of love for learning & each and every learning & development professional.

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