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Learn together with your peers through bi-weekly sessions, async conversations, and on-demand content.

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The support from this community has set the highest of bars for all other L&D groups I'm in (I'm completely biased). I know I can come to this community and ask anything (seriously, all the things!) and will always get a reply or resources and it helps me to feel connected to others.

Skye Suttie, Senior Manager Organizational & Learning Development at Openly

The Fellowship is for you if...

It doesn't matter where you come from, as long as you're someone who works in supporting others in growing.


You're an
internal L&D

who is looking to get feedback on your work, ask questions, make friends, learn new skills, and offer your skills to help the crew.


You're an
L&D freelancer

who misses having great co-workers to tap on the shoulder. You’re looking to learn from others’ experiences, and meet new clients.


You work in a
training company

who wants to understand where the L&D industry is going, want to get feedback for your services, and learn with others.

What you get as
an Offbeat Fellow

You finally get to focus on your own learning journey. Learn together with other professionals like you and accelerate your career.

Join bi-monthly sessions, get inspired and grow

We run multiple types of events each month: workshops, fireside chats, community showcases, community conversations, or inspiration sessions. All of them are set up to suit the needs of our fellows.

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Such a great session! Thanks for sharing, I´ll rewatch for sure!

Orsi Imre, Interim People & Culture Manager, HR Consultant, L&D Enthusiast & Facilitator

weekly learning-session

Unlock the power of community knowledge sharing

Unlock growth through social learning. Swap learnings, share best practices, ask questions and connect with like-minded folks through our private Slack Channel.

Access +50 pieces of
on-demand content

We know sometimes your calendar might not align with our live sessions, and you'd rather explore resources on your own pace. That's why you will also get access to over 40 recordings of previous learning sessions we've hosted covering real-world case studies and fireside chats, as well as to practical microlearnings created by us.


Enjoy free NextArrow workshops to boost your power skills

NextArrow is a boutique training firm that provides playful and practical training to organizations all over the world. Every quarter we're hosting one of their workshops for you for free, so you can improve your negotiation skills, critical or creative thinking, among others.

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The very well chunked process and the extremely effective method of facilitation to guide us through the process and get to envision the whole thing end to end in just 2h. Amazing design, content and facilitation! Thank you soooo much. Masterful!

Alecsandra Botosaneanu

Save 10% on any Offbeat cohort-based program

As an Offbeat Fellow, you get to enjoy Offbeat Programs on a discounted rate - learn how to become a better facilitator, design more impactful learning experiences, or become a more strategic L&D, among others.

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Expert-led Learning-Programs
high-quality curated-resources

Access high-quality curated resources for your work & personal development

We've done the work for you. No more frustrating searches or sifting through low-quality resources. Through our platform you get high-quality resources on your finger tips

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Fellowship Pricing

Unlock access to peers, learning sessions, on-demand content, and discounts to grow in your L&D career.

€149 €99 per year*

* you save 39% in the first year

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What's included?

Bi-weekly learning sessions

Private Slack Channel

Over 50 pieces of on-demand content

Free NextArrow workshops

10% discount on all Offbeat Programs

High-quality curated resources

What else do we offer?

Looking for something more specific or for 1:1 guidance? We've got your back!

Join cohort-based programs to expand your knowledge

Accelerate your expertise, guided by industry experts. Explore our upcoming cohort-based programs for focused, time-efficient learning.

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Find the right mentor for you

For when you definitely need to talk to someone & get personalized advice, we’ve got the right mentors. With diverse experience and backgrounds, we’re sure we can find the perfect fit. .

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still not convinced you should join us? Here are some questions we've received along the way.

Where is the fellowship hosted?

Once you've been accepted, you'll receive an invite to our private Slack community.

Here you'll meet fellow L&Ds, freelancers, and other cool people doing cool things. You'll also be able to ask questions and jam with alumni and mentors in our channels (think #learninganddevelopment, #beyondlearning).

There is always someone to help answers your questions and something new to learn.

You'll also get access to our Fellowship Hub, where you'll find recordings, high-quality curated content, and other goodies.

Does the fellowship include a mentor or cohort-based programs?

The Fellowship doesn't include mentors or programs. When you join, you will unlock a discount on both of them, together with other awesome resources!

I'm in a different time zone, when will the live events take place?

Most of our sessions are scheduled during evening, CET. This is time-zone friendly for both PST and EST, but not as much for APAC. We're working to spread sessions during the day, so that we can accommodate more time-zones.

How can I convince my employer to pay for the Fellowship subscription?

Imagine it like this. Out of all business functions, People or L&D Teams tend to be the most overlooked when it comes to their learning & development and career support. Through Offbeat you'll have continuous support for all your on-going projects so you can take them to the next level + career development support. If you learn, they win!

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