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Our fellows come from:

What will I learn?


We support you in acquiring the technical knowledge you need to get L&D projects from A to Z. We talk about everything from L&D Strategy and Career Development Programs to streamlining processes & managing change.


We believe that success in the future of work means among others: self-awareness, teamwork, critical thinking, and business acumen. So we go above and beyond to help you prepare for what's coming next and become a better L&D.

What value do we provide?

We offer a diverse list of methods you can combine to reach your learning goals.

We bring in providers & facilitators we trust to raise awareness about the skills of the future and help you in acquiring them. It's also a great opportunity for you to get a sneak peek into who else you could bring to your own company by actually testing their services.

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge. So every month we bring in a fellow or someone from outside the community to share a project they've been working on and inspire you for your own projects.

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You get access to over 500 high-quality L&D resources. So instead of going on Google and getting lost in the dozens of links out there, you're one click away from whatever you need to learn about.

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If small groups are your thing, you can join a mastermind and meet with the same peers for months, get to know each other, and share lessons learned, practices you're using, challenges, worries, and rants. All in a safe place, with 0 judgment, and with people that share the same desire for growth.

We decided to drop cohort-based programs in favor of more practical learning opportunities.

When you're joining a co-creation opportunity you get to build something (a project, a program, a resource) together with other peers, all with the purpose of learning.

What sets our community apart?

There are so many free communities out there, it's no wonder you are questioning joining our fellowship.


Everything we do has a bigger goal in mind. Right from the onboarding phase we work on setting you up for success and go on with making sure you get the environment and tools you need to grow.

We design
for autonomy

We strongly believe you're the best resource in your own learning process. So we make sure you can embrace the fellowship with a self-directed learning mindset right from the start.

We learn
by practicing

We're moving away as much as we can from passive learning methods to opportunities where you learn by actually doing the work, together with other peers, the best way of learning.

We have a
diverse offer

We have something for everyone. So no matter your seniority, your preferred way of learning, or your learning goals, one of the things we're offering will serve your needs.

What do fellows say?

I’m forever thankful that my manager put me in your program. I was (and still am!) so new in this world and it felt amazing but also scary to navigate. You are making it less and less scary every day. Thank you and congrats on the initiative!

InΓͺs Cunha, Training Specialist at Pipedrive

For the past couple of months, our bi-weekly Masterminds were like a breath of fresh air to my everyday L&D routine. Working together with brilliant peers on challenges we all share brought so many new perspectives, resources, and possibilities that would remain unknown to me had I not been able to engage with Offbeat's program(s). I love this community because of its depth and resourcefulness - now having it all rounded up in a form of a true Fellowship gives us, L&D professionals, a 360 degree support in all shapes and forms. It is a true honour to be part of, shape and move forward such an incredible source of knowledge and inspiration for our vocation like the Offbeat Fellowship.

Milica Sapic, Talent Development Manager @Klarna

Ready to join?

We know our fellowship might not be the best fit for everyone.

The fellowship might be a good fit for you if:

You don't mind taking an active approach to your learning process.

You're looking for peers next to whom you can grow and learn.

You like to help others by sharing your lessons learned and advice.

You're genuinely interested in becoming a better L&D professional.

What will be your learning journey?

We carefully look at every step of your learning journey once you join us.

Step I

The onboarding process is designed to set you up for success. You will learn about the fellowship but also set your learning goals for the months ahead.

Step II

At the end of your onboarding, you choose what resources you will use: you can join a mastermind, get a mentor, or start attending monthly events.

Step III

Once you're settled, you get the opportunity of joining a more practical way of learning with one of our co-creation projects, together with other peers.

Step IV

At the end of each year, we review how everything went and decide together if it makes sense for you to stick with us or if the fellowship isn't helping you.

Invest in your growth

Take care of your own development before taking care of anyone else!

Fellowship Quarterly

  • Access to our content library;

  • The option of joining a mastermind group;

  • Access to all our co-creation opportunities;

  • Access to Monthly Fireside-Chats & Workshops (both upcoming & on-demand);

  • Access to discounts to tools & services we often use;

  • The opportunity to draft your own development plan;

  • Quarterly payment, no refund option.


per month

€50/ billed quarterly

Fellowship Annual

  • Access to our content library;

  • The option of joining a mastermind group;

  • Access to all our co-creation opportunities;

  • Access to Monthly Fireside-Chats & Workshops (both upcoming & on-demand);

  • Access to discounts to tools & services we often use;

  • The opportunity to draft your own development plan;

  • Yearly payment, with refund option available.


per month

€159/ billed yearly

Do you prefer learning with your team?

If your whole team would like to have access to learning opportunities, that's perfect! We have your back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still not convinced you should join us? Here are some questions we've received along the way.

Why should I join you?

We're building more than a community. We're building a space where L&D professionals can learn from each other to grow both professionally and personally. A space where we not only praise learning autonomy, but help you acquire behaviors & habits that make you an autonomous learner. A space where you can be sure you will get the support you need and once you can give back whenever you feel ready.

How are you different from all the free communities out there?

We highly appreciate all the free communities in the industry. Some of them are doing an amazing job and we're constantly learning from them. We like to think that our fellowship is a bit more than a community. We wouldn't like to call it a school, because the term is already associated with negative experiences. So let's call it an alternative school for L&D professionals.

Although money is not our number one priority, we still acknowledge that we get more invested in following projects when they can also provide some financial security. So some of the partners that provide us with services long-term get paid for their services so we can make sure we provide you with access to high-quality learning experiences. Long-term we're planning on securing paid gigs from companies even to our fellow members.

So in the end, we become a platform where L&Ds - providers - organizations - and us gain (both because we learn and because we earn) from somehow being involved with Offbeat.

All this can't be done only by getting involved part-time. Having a bigger impact in our industry requires full-focus, full-time jobs. We'll get as transparent as possible with how we manage our budgets in the future, so you can better understand why the fellowship needs to be paid so it can be impactful.

Do you provide certifications?

No, we don't. We believe that the future of work will be less about certifications (a document you receive with no proof that you learned something new) and more about the skills you gain (because you got involved in different projects in the fellowship). We are planning to add digital badges in the future that fellows can gain in different ways, but we try to stay away as much as possible from things we believe harm the way people grow.

We do acknowledge that certifications might still be important for different reasons, and we accept that not everyone will accept not having one. If you're looking to get certified, we can redirect you toward providers like CIPD, SHRM, or ATD.

Is the community opened world-wide?

Yes, it is! Right now we have fellows from Europe, Australia, Brazil, India, and the US.

In 2022 most of them are from Europe, which also affects some of the community events we organize. If you're in one of the other time-zones, you can still get access to resources, small learning groups, 1:1 conversations & on-demand recordings.

Everything we do is out of love for learning & each and every learning & development professional.

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