September 29, 2022 | 1:49 min

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There are so many interesting professions out there. Behavior scientists, fitness instructors, performance coaches, surgeons, ballet performers, cinema directors, astronauts, and landscape architects just to name a few. At a first glance, it might seem they have nothing to do with L&D. But we beg to differ! We’ve found the connecting dots - and we would like to explore them further.

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Hi, I’m Lavinia. 


And I’m Mili. 

Not long ago we didn’t know each other. But thanks to the profession we share, our lives intertwined. 

We’re both L&D professionals, and we love to be surrounded by our peers and be able to share views and experiences with like-minded people. It makes us feel good, understood and like we belong. But it can also be a trap. Because listening only to the people who look and think like us it's an easy way to nurture confirmation bias. 

Now, we’d like to tell you L&D is a different story. But the truth is, it’s not. 

We definitely spend a lot of time digging deep into our own field, finding new perspectives, and making sense of them. It is then only natural that at the end of the day there’s little time to go outside L&D. That’s why our struggles might seem pretty niched and unique. But are they? Our bet is they’re not!


That’s why we decided to build Offbeat On Air. Our mission is to break our bubble and go beyond L&D borders. We want to connect to the outer world and seek inspiration from different people. People trying to achieve similar goals as ours, but in other circumstances, with different skills, tools, and mindsets. 


Offbeat on Air is here to inspire you. We’ll learn how scientists solve problems, how professional athletes think of performance, and how surgeons approach their learning process. In a nutshell, in each episode, we’ll connect to great minds in order to infuse new perspectives into our lives as learning professionals. 


Our first episode is airing on October 6th, so keep an eye out for it. Create a happy day and never stop learning.

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