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An event made to facilitate networking and exchange ideas that inform, inspire, and innovate the future of learning. 10 speakers - 5 minutes each - dozens of awesome ideas. See you next time, Amsterdam community!


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What did people say?

Quality in - Quality out! 💯 It was such an amazing evening filled with bold statements, remarkable people and inspiring stories!

That was so much fun! 5-minute formats are a real game changer to get a lot of inspiration and reasons to connect after to go more in-depth. 🫂🌟

Meeting everyone IRL was so much fun. I felt so inspired and engaged to learn by everyone's talks and chats! Looking forward to all the online meets and happenings until the next live event!

A big thank you to our speakers

We chose some of the coolest people we know and we're offering them the stage to share dozens of awesome ideas to inform, inspire and innovate the future of learning and L&D.

Lena Nasiakou, Learning Experience Designer, Certified Coach, L&D Consultant

Lena Nasiakou

L&D Consultant | Learning Experience Designer

Talk: Nurturing Coaching & Mentoring Capabilities for Executive Success


This session moves beyond generic, off-the-shelf programs, focusing on building coaching and mentoring capabilities for executives entering mentorship roles. Get introduced to a strategic backward program planning approach, aligning with specific milestones. Gain insights into translating those milestones to behavioral objectives, program goals, specific topics and learning modalities. This session walks through the experience of designing and facilitating a blended Coaching and Mentoring program that is not only effective but also non-boring and fun.



Learning & Community Consultant | Workshop Facilitator

Talk: Let AI be in charge of the content! join me in the Learning Playground!


Anamaria's session offers a quick dive into creative social and peer learning strategies for work. She'll explore easy-to-advanced formats, incorporating AI to visualize these ideas. Expect a hands-on, fun approach in this 5-minute session, where Anamaria tries out new methods for practical learning experiences. It's a fresh take on making learning engaging and effective, suited for everyone.


Zoltan Laszlo

EMEA Learning & Development Lead at FedEx

Talk: Embracing Tomorrow: The Evolution of Learning in the Age of AI


Delving into the implications of AI on the future job landscape, contemplating organizational responses, and understanding the role of L&D in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The objective is to present a concise snapshot of the current state and contemplate prospective scenarios. Rather than furnishing definitive answers, the presentation aims to prompt thoughtful consideration on how individuals can contribute to shaping the future.


Rita Azevedo

Strategic Learning Partner Manager at Sana

Talk: Cutting through the AI hype: A reality check for L&D leaders


AI hype is everywhere, and doomsday narratives are dominating the discourse. But should we really be afraid? In this Spark, Rita will cut through the sensationalism, spotlighting the tangible issues and unmissable opportunities that every L&D leader needs to understand.


Ajay Jacob

Learning and Development Leader

Talk: What we do in Life, echoes in Eternity: 3 Lessons from a Cinematic Masterpiece


In "What We Do in Life, Echoes in Eternity: 3 Lessons from a Cinematic Masterpiece," Ajay delves into the profound messages of 'Gladiator'. He'll unpack three pivotal ideas from the film, linking them to impactful learning experiences.


Vanessa Monsequeira

Global People Leader in Tech | Leadership and Career Coach

Talk: Revolutionizing Society: How L&D holds the keys to change


Thinking about the broader WHY of L&D beyond meeting business outcomes to being a core driver of social sustainability and adult development.

Why this needs to happen - future economics and  employment trends + SDGs

What we are seeing (real-world examples) + what still needs to happen (key gaps)

Key's to how L&D can drive change.


Ruben Vermaak

Global Director of People Development @ Bynder

Talk: Transforming Your Everyday
Communication with the Power
of the Pyramid Principle


Ruben's session focuses on the Pyramid Principle framework for creating concise, to-the-point & easily understood writing and problem solving. The Pyramid Principle is a presentation technique developed by McKinsey and is effective in reports, presentations, and other communication where clarity and efficiency are essential.

Join us to learn more about the Pyramid Principle!


Stefan Daniëls

Head of Learning Studios at Growth Tribe

Talk: Competency and skill mapping using genAI


Get hands-on with generative AI tools for effective competency mapping to transform your organization into a more adaptive, skills-based entity. This session will offer practical insights to identify emerging skills, map them accurately and format in a way that can be shared across different stakeholders.


Tim Zhang

International Mobility Specialist at

Talk: How to network via informational interview


Whether you've recently relocated to a new area, transitioned into a different industry, taken on a new role, or simply seek guidance for your career path, understanding the significance of informational interviews can greatly benefit your journey. Conducting an informational interview may connect you with a coach, mentor, or even a sponsor who can offer valuable insights. Let's delve into the art of networking through informational interviews and explore how this approach can enhance your professional growth.


Diagnostician & Solutionist for Leadership Enablement at Miro

Talk: What if we stop "giving feedback"? Would it work better?


In the realm of organizations, the echo of "feedback" reverberates endlessly. Yet, despite lifetimes of training hours, the challenge persists. Are we stuck in a loop of perpetual learning, or is there a missing piece in the puzzle? Shouldn't we have figured it out by now?

You are not alone
in your L&D career

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