Mar 12, 5:30 - 8:30 PM

Offbeat Sparks

Join us for an evening of networking, and idea sharing that sparks learning for us, L&D Pros.

What an Offbeat event with a burst of energy! It really sparked my imagination and renewed my excitement for all the upcoming L&D projects! 💫
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🔥 Expecting a board meeting, I found myself in a cozy fireplace chat. Hats down Offbeat, way to go L&D pals, thank you - I got the inspiration I needed! 🔥

What an Offbeat event with a burst of energy! It really sparked my imagination and renewed my excitement for all the upcoming L&D projects! 💫

This week has been incredibly busy, but amidst all the events, one encounter stood out—the opportunity to engage with passionate, like-minded individuals eager to drive change and learn.

A big thank you to our speakers

We chose some of the coolest people we know and we're offering them the stage to share dozens of awesome ideas to inform, inspire and innovate the future of learning and L&D.


Ana David

Global Learning and Talent Development Manager at SIG Combibloc

Talk: Connect well with ANYONE in the organization


Leadership is about influence and about connection. I am a matrix leader in the organization and I want to share a few precious insights I gained throughout the years on how to connect well with ANYONE in the organisation and use your influence for the greater good.


Sabina Lionte

Learning & Development Manager at Emerson

Talk: Cultivating Talent Together: The Power of Manager-L&D Partnerships


In Learning & Leadership Development, we need as many allies as possible. Those who have the ability to transform learning and encourage its transfer into current practices are actually the leaders of the people we have in our development programs. How do we maintain them as strategic allies for L&D?


Adriana David

Organizational Development Consultant at Bosch

Talk: Captain Learning


I will draw a parallel between the Captain Planet cartoons and the ring that creates him, and our powers as L&D to create a "Captain Learning" mindset - emphasizing continuous learning and the collaboration of a trio of forces - colleague, manager, and L&D - to enhance ROI.


Mădălina Marincaș

Management Consultant & Professional Coach

Talk: Beyond Words - A Coaching Perspective on Silence


I will explore 3 main ideas. Silence as a transformative tool we can use in L&D. The only way we can use silence is by navigating through it (different from getting over it). We can start integrating silence into our activities once we're comfortable with it.


Brigitta Ortan

Regional Manager Talent Operations at Foundever

Talk: Why employee development should start before recruitment!


I will discuss the importance of leveraging social learning and content marketing in our employer branding strategy to attract unconventional talent. Conventional recruitment often fails to bring in fresh perspectives and creativity. By adopting an external hiring approach and identifying "hidden gems," we can diversify our talent pool and foster a culture of continuous innovation.


Ana-Loredana Pascaru

Talent Specialist xPortal at MultiversX

Talk: A culture of happiness


I invite you to explore together, drawing from our own resources and team values, how we choose and cultivate joy in our organizational culture, both from within and from without.


Teodora Popa

Lead Training Project Manager at Wolters Kluwer

Talk: Have your best people teach


From the very beginning, peer learning has been ingrained in the fabric of our company's culture. It is a fundamental aspect of how we operate and grow together. I will share insights we've gained about empowering our top performers to become teachers in their own right.


Cristian Popa

Future Skills Development Manager at Microsoft

Talk: EduAgility: Reshaping Education for Enhanced Learning Experiences


The presentation is built to explore a new era in education where learning is engaging, personalized, and geared toward enhancing learning experiences. The focus is to show options to integrate agility into formal learning and create awareness about the possibility of transforming current education and teaching methodologies.

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