Apr 18, 6:00 - 9:00 PM GMT

Offbeat Sparks

Join us for an evening of networking, and idea sharing that sparks learning for us, L&D Pros.

Last night I took a rapid fire trip to London for the Offbeat Sparks event at Netflix HQ and was struck by how much I took away from a series of talks lasting just 5 (yes 5) minutes! ⏳ Are you not entertained? I definitely was. Kudos to all the speakers and big thanks Lavinia Mehedințu! 🤓
Offbeat Sparks London Participant


An inspiring and energising evening at the Offbeat Sparks event yesterday 📢 Thank you so much to Lavinia Mehedințu for organising such a fast paced and fun event with an exceptional group of speakers. Each speaker had 5 mins in what was a rapid series of lightning talks - the energy, enthusiasm and passion created an unforgettable experience!

Offbeat Sparks London Participant

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Offbeat you were so bloody marvellous! Thank you team for hosting a wonderful, valuable and insightful L&D event.

Huge kudos to Lavinia Mehedințu for hosting a wonderful event with a great quick, snappy format hearing from loads of different speakers (all great!). 👏 And thank you to Netflix for hosting!

For me the Offbeat Sparks seesion was like a great big hug after the madness of #LT24UK. Offbeat count me in next time you land in London 🛬

A big thank you to our speakers

We chose some of the coolest people we know and we're offering them the stage to share dozens of awesome ideas to inform, inspire and innovate the future of learning and L&D.

lauren waldman

Lauren Waldman

Learning Scientist, Design Consultant and Speaker

Talk: Your Brain is Cool.  Wanna see?


Ready to see what your brain can do? Let's Dive In! While I won't be giving you a literal peek into your brain, I will be taking you on a 5 mins whirlwind journey to explore what that 3lbs of incredible matter you carry around with you every day, can do. Time to join forces with your brain.  YARR! YOU ARE REALLY READY!

Ally Jones

Ally Jones

Exec Coach, Leadership Facilitator, Co-founder at Coachable

Talk: Don't Be a Shitty Boss: Close Your Awareness Gap!


99-point-something percent of us on the planet are decent human beings. Yet every now and again, people make us feel shit.And guess what? Every now and again, you make other people feel shit too. That's a bit of toughie when you're a leader, responsible for the wellbeing and performance of a team. The reality that even when you have the best intentions, sometimes the impact you have isn't quite as positive. So how do you avoid shitty boss territory? Close your Awareness Gap.In this 5 minute talk, we'll share a couple of practical tips help you self-manage and close your Awareness Gap.

Liz Stefan, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer at Nifty Learning


Co-Founder & CEO at NiftyLearning

Talk: Take a walk through the office


Trying to control organisational change is like fixing a car with a hammer – the wrong tool for the job! Organisations aren't machines; they're complex systems. Inspired by Org Design, this talk reveals why L&D (and managers) need a mindset shift: be a gardener, not a mechanic! We'll explore how ongoing conversation and experimentation are the keys to real, lasting change. Plus, I'll share a one of my favourite tools to help teams identify sticky points, design their own solutions, and evolve how they work.

Lauren Cunningham

Lauren Cunningham

Learning, Development & Quality Lead at Bumble

Talk: Learnovate: Fusing the Realms of Continuous Improvement and Adult Learning


Want to bring an end to: 'What value does L&D bring anyway?', 'It's going to cost HOW much?!' and 'Can you deliver this today?'. Fusing Continuous Improvement principles and Learning & Development could be the answer. This talk will explore how bending the 'rules' of L&D and mashing them with CI can result in end-to-end adult learning solutions that drive value to our learners and the businesses we serve.

Liam Moore

Liam Moore

Executive Coach, Supervisor & Facilitator

Talk: Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing here? Finding our way within (L&D) leadership.


When we find ourselves in or aspiring to a new leadership role, or trying to keep up with a rapidly changing environment in our ambitious organisations, often it can help to stop, to catch our breath and to take a look around. Using a 3-step model developed for his coaching and supervision practice, Liam will briefly demonstrate how we can reconnect with ourselves, our role and our surroundings during challenging times.

Elene Ghelaghutashvili

Elene Ghelaghutashvili

People Experience Business Partner at Hg

Talk: Good enough, yet always evolving


We don't need to wait for permission or a complete overhaul or revolution to improve something, and we don't need to get it perfect either (the pilot/test > finalise approach).

I’ll share how I bring a continuous improvement mindset to my L&D practice, turning our creations from 'finished' products into 'perpetual betas', and evolving them over time.

Patrick Mullarkey

Patrick Mullarkey

Learning Experience Manager at Dataiku

Talk: 3 Lessons from Scale-ups for all of L&D


Ever wondered what working in a scale-up can be like? Its like trying to eat your lunch whilst riding a roller coaster - you want to be there, you (tend to) enjoy what you are doing but you are never quite sure how things will evolve with each twist and turn... Given that, is there anything to be learnt from such ever changing environments? I believe so - and I have three lessons I want to share with you that I think are relevant to any learning professional. Within this I will share an overview of my reflections, mistakes and ideas working in this brilliant sector has taught me - and where that roller coaster might be heading next.

Natalie Pearce

Natalie Pearce

Learning Experience Manager

Talk: Great companies need great operating systems


Want to deliver on your strategy? Want to define a strong company culture? Want to unlock your competitive advantage? You need a company Operating System. Learn how to design yours and get super intentional about the rituals, frameworks, processes, and practices that guide how a company operates at its best on a day-to-day basis.

JooBee Yeow

Adviser to start-ups, educator, speaker, writer and entrepreneur

Talk: Want to be a better L&D leader, leave your job


This was the best advice I received from my Managing Director at Duke CE, an executive leadership development consultancy ranked #1 in the world for 12 consecutive years by the Financial Times. During our career conversation, he said, 'If you truly want to design impactful L&D experiences, consider leaving your current job.' Intrigued? Join the session to delve into this unconventional wisdom.

Ajay Jacob

Learning and Development Manager

Talk: What we do in Life, echoes in Eternity: 3 Lessons from a Cinematic Masterpiece


In "What We Do in Life, Echoes in Eternity: 3 Lessons from a Cinematic Masterpiece," Ajay delves into the profound messages of 'Gladiator'. He'll unpack three pivotal ideas from the film, linking them to impactful learning experiences.

Rita azevedo

Strategic Learning Partner Manager

Talk: Cutting through the AI hype: A reality check for L&D leaders


AI hype is everywhere, and doomsday narratives are dominating the discourse. But should we really be afraid? In this Spark, Rita will cut through the sensationalism, spotlighting the tangible issues and unmissable opportunities that every L&D leader needs to understand.

Kenny Temowo

Leadership Culture and Talent Innovation at Netflix

Talk: The value of Experiences


I remember crying alone in my car, after a really really tough day at work. I remember looking at a photo of my beautiful daughters, me, smiling ear-to-ear, with unbearable joy, yet fully aware that my time with them is short...These are both experiences that have remained with me. Indeed, 'learning', is a change in behaviour as a result of *memory or experience*. It follows, then, that to make a difference to people's lives and careers we have to help them experience something different, something memorable. Yet, much of what we encounter in the corporate world is anything but; indeed it's often very forgettable. What are we to do?

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