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NextArrow is a boutique training firm that provides playful and practical training to organizations all over the world.

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The very well chunked process and the extremely effective method of facilitation to guide us through the process and get to envision the whole thing end to end in just 2h. Amazing design, content and facilitation! Thank you soooo much. Masterful!

Alecsandra Botosaneanu

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20 June 2024

5:00 - 7:00 PM CEST

Influence Without Manipulation

Robleh Kirce

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*This workshop is available only to Offbeat Fellows

Why did we partner with NextArrow?

Without power skills, technical skills would go to waste. NextArrow allows us to bring power skills workshops to our Offbeat Fellows.


Power Skills

Succeeding in the future of work requires self-awareness, teamwork, critical thinking, and business acumen. We go the extra mile to equip you for what lies ahead and enhance your expertise in L&D.


Free Workshops

As part of our yearly Offbeat Fellowship you gain access to a series of free NextArrow workshops, worth $250 each per individual. Each quarter we schedule another workshop for you to enjoy.

Previous workshops

Here's an overview of the subjects we've covered together with NextArrow so far.

28 March 2024

Learn to Love Negotiation

Robleh Kirce

25 May 2023

Courageous Presentations

Robleh Kirce


Having a structured, actionable plan for how to set up, conceptualize, and hold negotiations feels incredibly empowering. I have had so many negative emotions surrounding the act of negotiating and I have had so many people tell me I am underselling myself. I understand that this is often a gendered issue, so I am very grateful to have a structure to implement. Walking us through it with time to reflect was masterfully implemented. I felt engaged the entire time.

Rebecca Millsop

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