Tijana Kovacevic
Performance consultant and global learning & talent leader with 13+ years of experience in various industries and geographies. Passionate about ensuring the organization and its people have the right capabilities to deliver the business strategy. Future of Work advocate.
One question

Onboarding – an event or a journey?

Oftentimes we talk about onboarding as a one-off event where we welcome the new employees, play some games to help them network, talk about what we do for business, culture, and values, then we send them off. Good luck! And most of the time, that’s what we leave them to – luck. Luck, that they […]

Beyond in-class

Adopting a Performance Consulting approach in L&D

Shifting how L&D teams are perceived starts with our own mindset change. It’s an opportunity for us to learn and test things that so far weren’t in our reach. Being assertive and pushing back might lead short-term to backlash from stakeholders, of course. But long-term, as our solutions improve thanks to the performance consulting approach we will become more valued and impactful.

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