Sam Allen
Sam Allen is the owner of Insightful L&D, where he acts as a consultant for organizations that need L&D done differently. He's a prolific learner and sharer of knowledge and he's determined to continue the dialogue that is moving the L&D industry forward.
Ten things I've learned

10 characteristics of Learning and Development at its best

These characteristics, for some, won't seem new or modern but for many in the industry will mean a venture into the unknown and the uncomfortable. However, If the impact of Coronavirus on the security of roles in L&D has taught us anything, it is that we need to do everything in our power to change the perception of our industry and its value in organisations. These characteristics, among others, are the practices that will ensure L&D is a credible and valued partner to the business and not an order taker or worse still an expendable "nice to have".

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