Oana Chisalom
Senior Program Manager, Learning Content Strategy @ UiPath
I’m passionate about Learning and Development. Anything to do with learning and growth really gets me going, whether it’s employee growth, organizational growth or my own growth. I am in my element when designing innovative approaches to learning delivery. I love working in dynamic and supportive company cultures and build outstanding teams to meet the complex challenges of hyper-growth high-tech companies.

How can leaders foster learning autonomy in their teams?

I am a leader in a hyper-growth company. We’ve gone from 500 to 3000 employees in just about 3 years. It’s by far the fastest-changing environment I’ve ever been part of. Despite the pace, I see highly engaged people in most of my interactions. They seem to manage change through collaboration, over-communication, and continuous learning. Change dislocates a huge amount of opportunities for learning. The most interesting part is that learning is not only a means for surviving in this environment. It is in fact one of the things that drive people most.

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