Melissa Malec
Melissa is a passionate writer and lifelong learner. She brings these passions together as the Content Editor of Learnerbly where she manages content production and distribution to inform HR, People and L&D professionals about progressive L&D and People Experience ideologies. When she's not writing for Learnerbly, she's writing her novel set in Tudor England or walking in the English countryside with her cocker spaniel.
Behind L&D Curtains

Learning Throughout the Employee Lifecycle: Our People and the People Team

Learning and Development doesnā€™t just play a role in the journey of the employee. It also shapes how the People team and company learn and improve the People Experience. While a new joiner is learning the processes and tools Learnerbly uses, our People team is absorbing feedback and learnings to improve those processes, tools, and [ā€¦]

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