Lavinia Mehedintu
Lavinia Mehedintu has been designing learning experiences and career development programs for the past 9 years both in the corporate world and in higher education. As a Co-Founder and Learning Architect @Offbeat she’s applying adult learning principles so that learning & people professionals can connect, collaborate, and grow. She’s passionate about social learning, behavior change, and technology and constantly puts in the work to bring these three together to drive innovation in the learning & development space.

Learning experiences: an alternative to one-time learning events

I often come across titles such as “The Importance of Training Employees”, “The Importance of Workplace Training and Development”, or “Why employee training is important”. I deliberately choose to stay away from them. I think they never reached the Offbeat shortlist, not even when I was desperate about not finding high-quality resources for the newsletter […]


What I learned from one year of Offbeat

If I look back at when I joined L&D I have to admit I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew that I liked the idea of helping others (both individuals and organizations) experience the joy of learning and reach their potential. But I knew nothing about how hard and yet […]


Designing a Peer-to-Peer learning program: a Marley Spoon case study

I think I first learned about peer-to-peer learning programs as a concept by reading Google’s case study on re:Work, just like my guest in this article: Venla Hakunti, L&D Manager and Agile HR Coach at Marley Spoon. While researching other examples, I came to learn more about social learning which is basically the theory behind […]


Behind LifeLabs Learning’s L&D Strategy

I’ve been following LifeLabs Learning for a while now, enjoying their amazing free resources. I’ve always felt their learning experience to be science-based and high-quality, so naturally, I was curious if their own learning strategy draws from the way they interact with their customers. I was lucky that Roy Ben-Yehuda, a strong supporter of Offbeat […]


A complete guide for building a mentorship program

My interest in mentorship programs was sparked by the program we launched in eMAG, the company I work for. I’ve always dreamed of doing this for our organization, as a means to diversify the learning methods we use and get people used to something else than training. The feedback was pretty great, and we’re working […]

One question

Which were the top L&D resources of 2020?

This year was completely crazy. If you would have told me last year that in 2020 I will be running a weekly newsletter, I would have said you're crazy. When would I have the time to read, sort through, and put together L&D resources on a weekly basis?


L&D tech: Insights from 12 months of Tech Talks with Christopher Lind

2 months ago Christopher celebrated one year of Learning Tech Talks with a special event. An event focused on his lessons learned in the past year, where he covered the capabilities of technology and the problems that it can solve for learning professionals.


Using technology to develop your people managers

I met Raluca and Bogdan when they pitched Nestor to myself and my manager. Before meeting them, I did not fully understand what they could do for us. By the end of the appointment, I was totally impressed. Not just by the tool, but also by the research behind their approach, and the mindset of […]


Learning analytics set-up

The analytics side of L&D are definitely tricky. Avoiding it altogether is not an option. Focusing too much on them? Wouldn’t advise that either.


Organizing a Learning Festival

The purpose of this festival was to inspire learning autonomy by deconstructing the learning process in a fun and immersive way. In this article, we're covering why learning autonomy is important, what the learning festival looked like, and a learning framework you might want to use in creating an environment where people take ownership of their learning process.

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