Crystal Kadakia
CEO, LCD Group Inc & Author, Designing for Modern Learning, The Millennial Myth, & Social Equations
I co-created a model for designing modern learning and founded a company to upskill and consult with learning creators using the model. We’ve reached upwards of 10,000 individuals to date with our work. I’m also an experienced independent organizational change & development consultant and former chemical engineer. With the diverse intersections of my experience, I’ve helped many organizations leverage the possibilities in their community for a better future where they can make a tangible difference.

How can leaders identify gaps in learning design strategies?

Learn ways that help you transition or build from the ground up - not start from scratch. The Learning Cluster Design model is one such way. When you focus on the transition, you have to take a keen look at what you have. You have to define where you want to go and then, identify and address the gaps. This model elegantly helps you achieve all of these goals and most importantly, helps you make on-the-job changes a reality, not just a hope.

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