Adil Ibrahim
Founder - Copilot Strategy
Adil is the founder of Copilot Strategy — a learning strategy and organizational development consulting firm. He is on a mission to help leaders optimize their learning & development departments by streamlining systems, processes, and workflows required to run an effective L&D function. Adil has spent his career advancing and leading the enterprise learning agenda in various industries ranging from Advertising to IT Consulting to Insurance. He is currently a consultant at Meta helping the redesign and implementation of a digital onboarding strategy for the Reality Labs division. As Head of Learning & Development at Ipreo, Adil launched the department focused on cultivating peer-learning — when acquired by IHS Markit, he reimagined and launched the North America L&D strategy including developing a brand identity and a decentralized learning organization. At Ogilvy, Adil partnered directly with the CEO to help develop and launch Ogilvy University. When at Cognizant Technology Solutions, he overhauled the learning management system, for North America, impacting and improving the experience for over 20,000 employees. Adil continues to focus on helping elevate the learning agenda and chooses to take on additional roles such as serving as a coach in the Cognotal CLO Coach Program targeted to provide guidance to Talent Leaders. He is a regular volunteer in the industry — a former Board Member of ATD NYC, currently serving as a mentor for L&D leaders through Torch-Everwise. He has also served as a speaker and guest lecturer at Columbia University and New York University.

A 10-step guide to optimizing and launching your L&D function

While setting up a brand new L&D function, or even redesigning an already existing one, may seem like a daunting task, it certainly doesn’t need to be. There are tons of vendors, tools, and frameworks available that can help you along this journey. This guide will walk you through those Adil found useful in his previous experiences.

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