Charting your L&D Career

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This is a six-week journey guiding professionals to understand their career roots, evaluate current competencies, and devise a future growth plan. By decoding past patterns, assessing present skills, and setting clear goals guided by these insights, you'll tap into your career potential and chart a path for continuous professional development.

This program is part of a yearly Offbeat Fellowship Subscription priced at €1499.

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Weekly live sessions on Thursday, 4 PM CET


Why should you join?

Oh, so many reasons! But don't take our word for it. Explore what you'll be capable of at the end of the program if you give it your all, of course.


Identify your career patterns & competencies

Gain the ability to analyze your professional past, identify patterns and experiences that have shaped your career journey, and use them to define your strengths and areas for improvement.


Define clear career aspirations

Gain the ability to formulate your career aspirations with clarity and precision, and learn how to set actionable and measurable goals. Both will represent a strong foundation for your professional growth.


Develop a concrete career growth plan

Create a flexible and strategic blueprint for your L&D career, fostering the agility needed to proactively navigate industry changes and seize emerging opportunities, ensuring continuous professional growth.


Boost your employability appeal

Gain the ability to craft a compelling CV, leveraging insights from your career journey, in order to to align with your envisioned career aspirations and position yourself as highly desirable candidate for potential L&D opportunities.

Skills you'll practice:


Your facilitator

Our facilitators are not only very experienced in the topics they're teaching, but also extremely cool. This program's facilitators are not exception.

Lavinia Mehedințu

Lavinia Mehedintu has been designing learning experiences and career development programs for the last 10 years, both in the corporate world and in the academic environment. As a co-founder and learning architect at Offbeat, she applies adult learning principles so learning and development professionals can connect, collaborate and grow together.

Ioana Goz

Ioana has been designing and delivering learning experiences for the past 8 years. Her work with a focus on upskilling/reskilling, and career growth, spans across corporate settings, start-up environments and the public sector. Ioana’s approach is rooted in human-centered design principles, ensuring impactful and measurable results for learners.

How will you learn?

While new information will definitely be useful, the most powerful learning will come from making sense of it for your context, actually applying it, and receiving feedback from facilitators & peers.


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What else is included in the price?

This program is part of a yearly Fellowship Subscription that costs €1499. Once you purchase it you unlock lots of other learning experiences & fellows' benefits.

Enjoy 24/7 access to a like-minded, supportive community of professionals, exchanging insights and experiences on our private Slack channel.
Benefit from interactive weekly learning sessions that provide practical knowledge and encourage direct engagement with experts and peers.
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Our premium newsletter keeps you at the heart of the fellowship, providing exclusive insights, updates, and content to fuel your journey.
Take advantage of exclusive monthly discounts from our industry partners, curated specifically for your interests and  development needs.
Immerse in thoughtfully curated, high-quality content that's tailor-made to empower your personal and professional growth.

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Who should apply?

Not all experiences are for everyone. Your previous background and current context are extremely important for the success of your learning adventure, so make sure you're ready for it.

This program is a fit if...

Something specific you'd want your learners to have as a background or in their environment.

Aspiring L&Ds entry-level individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in L&D

This is a very hands-on and practical learning experience, so we welcome curious and eager individuals who are ready to get their hands dirty and experiment together with the group.


Who’s not a fit?

L&Ds looking for a career change towards another field

Those who expect this to be a lecture series 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not convinced you should join us? Here are some questions we've received along the way.

When will the program start?

Check here to see where the next cohort of this program starts.

What will I be paying for?

When you invest in our program, you're not just purchasing access to one of it's cohorts. You're signing up for an enriching, holistic experience that includes:

  1. Private Slack Community: A chance to engage and collaborate with other motivated learners in a safe, exclusive digital space.
  2. Weekly Learning Sessions: Interactive, live sessions designed to provide a rich, collaborative learning environment.
  3. Premium Newsletter: In addition to our free updates, you'll receive a premium newsletter loaded with exclusive content and detailed updates on the fellowship's activities.
  4. Monthly Discounts: You'll receive exclusive, members-only discounts from our industry partners, curated specifically for your professional development needs.
  5. High-Quality Curated Content: Access to a trove of meticulously curated content that is designed to complement your learning journey and personal growth.

Each of these components works synergistically to provide you with an impactful, comprehensive learning experience. So, you're not just paying for a course - you're investing in a journey of growth, community, and continuous development.

What if I don't want to enroll in a program, but still want to join the Offbeat Fellowship?

We understand that not everyone might be ready to enroll in a program, but may still wish to be part of our thriving Offbeat Fellowship. We've got you covered! We offer two other fellowship plans that you can choose from:

  1. Offbeat Silver for €79/ year: This plan gives you access to our private community, allows you to attend our weekly events, and provides you with our premium newsletter, monthly discounts, and high-quality content.
  2. Offbeat Gold for €799/ year: This plan includes everything in the Silver plan, and goes a step further by offering you personalized guidance through a dedicated personal mentor.

Each of these plans is designed to ensure that you have the opportunity to benefit from our resources, connect with our community, and further your personal and professional development, even if you don't enroll in a specific program.

Why can't I just purchase the program?

At Offbeat, we believe that learning is not a one-time event, but rather a continuous journey. While the program content provides important foundational knowledge, we've found that the best way to support learners is by offering long-term access to resources and community.

Therefore, when you invest in Offbeat, you're not simply paying for a program. Instead, you're joining a comprehensive learning ecosystem that includes ongoing events, a dedicated community, curated content, regular updates through our newsletter, and more. This environment fosters consistent practice and application of what you've learned, leading to more significant growth and improvement over time.

This is why we offer our learning experiences as part of broader fellowship plans, as we're committed to supporting your development journey beyond the confines of a single program.

How did you pick facilitators?

The facilitators of our programs are experienced professionals who not only bring substantial real-world practice to the table but also deeply understand our mission at Offbeat. They have been carefully selected based on their ability to align with our values, methodologies, and learning approach.

We believe that effective learning comes from facilitators who can bring theory to life with practical insights and who can cultivate an engaging, supportive environment. This understanding guides our choice of facilitators, ensuring you have access to mentors who are not just experts in their fields, but also adept at fostering a culture of collaborative, applied learning.

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