8 - Reflections

We believe reflection is one of the most powerful learning tools. That's why we decided to dedicate this issue to it. In our publication, that's exactly what we allow people to do. Reflect about their journeys, their projects, or the things they've learned. We do so to spark new ideas, to ground old ones, and to move ahead as individuals & as a community. So without further ado, here's to reflection! 🍷

Ten things I've learned
Elene Ghelaghutashvili
Learning and Talent Development Business Partner at Hg

After years of working in L&D, Elene summarizes her biggest lessons learned, starting with how corporate L&D actually goes beyond learning and finishing with a piece of advice even we, at Offbeat, always share with everyone: Never stop learning!

Maayan Yankelevich
Learning and development professional-human | DEI advocate | Certified training manager (CPTM)

It was 2015, and we were sitting in my grandparents' bright kitchen. I was promoted to a new role as a corporate trainer a few months before and was so happy and excited about getting it. I worked towards this goal for about a year before I achieved it. But once I became a trainer, and introduced myself to people in social or professional gatherings, I noticed it was rather challenging to explain what my role was , with all its responsibilities. In defence of my grandmother, she was not the only one who didn’t “get it”.

Crystal Kadakia
CEO, LCD Group Inc & Author, Designing for Modern Learning, The Millennial Myth, & Social Equations

Learn ways that help you transition or build from the ground up - not start from scratch. The Learning Cluster Design model is one such way. When you focus on the transition, you have to take a keen look at what you have. You have to define where you want to go and then, identify and address the gaps. This model elegantly helps you achieve all of these goals and most importantly, helps you make on-the-job changes a reality, not just a hope.

Adil Ibrahim
Founder - Copilot Strategy

While setting up a brand new L&D function, or even redesigning an already existing one, may seem like a daunting task, it certainly doesn’t need to be. There are tons of vendors, tools, and frameworks available that can help you along this journey. This guide will walk you through those Adil found useful in his previous experiences.

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