4 - Anniversary

Last month, Offbeat turned 1 year old. We already sent over 50 newsletter issues, and with this edition, we’re completing the cycle of 4 digital publication issues throughout this year. We put this one together with the help of some people who either encouraged Offbeat right from the start or were fond of the project once they discovered it. It’s full of lessons learned, experiments, and know-how for all L&Ds out there.

Lavinia Mehedintu

If I look back at when I joined L&D I have to admit I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew that I liked the idea of helping others (both individuals and organizations) experience the joy of learning and reach their potential. But I knew nothing about how hard and yet […]

Olla Jongerius
Global Learning & Development Manager @Nortal

D&I today There have been a lot of conversations around the topic of Diversity and Inclusion in Europe since last year. I’ve been working in the field for the past 6 years. At every networking event, at every gathering with friends, the question `What do you do for work? – had been my biggest nightmare […]

Bulent Duagi

Why spend the next 15 minutes reading this? This piece is specifically for L&D professionals that are looking to have a high impact on the performance of their whole organization and helping it become better equipped for the future. We’re going to explore the idea of organizational capabilities, how it connects to L&D, business strategy, […]

Dan Carter
CRO @ Innential

In recent years, content curation has become central to an L&D strategy. A great content curator can educate employees at a fraction of the cost and time compared to a content creator. And yes, at the same or better level of quality. How is that possible? It’s simple. Great content on virtually every topic already […]

Lavinia Mehedintu

I think I first learned about peer-to-peer learning programs as a concept by reading Google’s case study on re:Work, just like my guest in this article: Venla Hakunti, L&D Manager and Agile HR Coach at Marley Spoon. While researching other examples, I came to learn more about social learning which is basically the theory behind […]

Kirsten Buck
Chief Impact & Culture Officer at PTHR

The word ‘culture’ is derived from the Latin ‘cultura’, meaning to cultivate; to care and honour. According to this simplistic deduction of definitions, the cultures we see in our 21st century organisations are therefore something to be looked after. Yet as HR professionals, whom the responsibility of creating and upholding ‘culture’ often falls upon, we […]

Behind L&D curtains
Alexandru Gotoi
HR Tech Project Manager

In the last five years, I have seen many articles, videos on Youtube, and even TV news with the following title: X Jobs that will disappear in the Y years. Probably you’ve seen them too. These pieces conclude like this: companies will need to train their employees for other jobs, sometimes jobs that don’t exist. […]

Lavinia Mehedintu

I’ve been following LifeLabs Learning for a while now, enjoying their amazing free resources. I’ve always felt their learning experience to be science-based and high-quality, so naturally, I was curious if their own learning strategy draws from the way they interact with their customers. I was lucky that Roy Ben-Yehuda, a strong supporter of Offbeat […]

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