2 - Perspectives

2020 was crazy. It pushed us. Sometimes maybe right on the edge. But the most important thing we got out of it? Different perspectives about our impact, ways of learning, and using technology. This is exactly what this issue is about. Some things we got out of 2020 in terms of lessons learned and resources.

Lavinia Mehedintu

This year was completely crazy. If you would have told me last year that in 2020 I will be running a weekly newsletter, I would have said you're crazy. When would I have the time to read, sort through, and put together L&D resources on a weekly basis?

Oana Chisalom
Senior Program Manager, Learning Content Strategy @ UiPath

I am a leader in a hyper-growth company. We’ve gone from 500 to 3000 employees in just about 3 years. It’s by far the fastest-changing environment I’ve ever been part of. Despite the pace, I see highly engaged people in most of my interactions. They seem to manage change through collaboration, over-communication, and continuous learning. Change dislocates a huge amount of opportunities for learning. The most interesting part is that learning is not only a means for surviving in this environment. It is in fact one of the things that drive people most.

Leang Chung

The message and business case is stronger than ever before. We must prioritize and focus on our professional growth. Our ability to lead and drive business transformational changes depends on it.

Bianca Sorescu

One year ago we started thinking about a new leadership development program for eMAG. The needs of our leaders changed and became more diverse as the company grew. We started with a deep research phase, talking to HR Business Partners and people managers in the organization to get insights. We took our time to analyze what we have discovered and built a long-term strategy we knew was so bold it was still a bit out of reach. But we were ready to take the first steps when COVID hit.

Lavinia Mehedintu

2 months ago Christopher celebrated one year of Learning Tech Talks with a special event. An event focused on his lessons learned in the past year, where he covered the capabilities of technology and the problems that it can solve for learning professionals.

Craig Hiskett

We have a huge opportunity ahead of us in terms of the impact we can provide as L&D. Now is the time to finally make it a reality.

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